Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little house.

I finally had the opportunity to take pictures of my bedroom. Since we lost power for a few days, it gave me a good amount of time to clean and organize my room (besides vacuum since I couldn't turn one on). Just over a year ago, I paint from room that was at the time, bright lime green from when I was 12-13.. I chose white walls because I love the brightness it brings and since I have very high ceilings, it was much easier to paint the walls white without making the ceiling look all blotchy with paint. On one wall, however, I took the time to stencil out a Victorian wallpaper design. It took about 3 days just to finish the one wall but it was definitely worth it. I also have my bed placed on a loft which made it hard to get the real feel of my bedroom. My closet is located under my loft but we'll save the tour of that for another day! My room is rather plain, but that was the way in which I wanted it.

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