Saturday, September 17, 2011

New boots!

I had a day off from work today! So after running some errands and relaxing, my mom and sisters did a little shopping. I found both of these boots at Charlotte Russe a few weeks back but they didn't have my size in either of them. But today was my lucky day and they had both! I decided that I will need a few pairs of leather boots since I usually wear ballet flats year round and end up freezing my toes off.. Each pair cost $40, but since it was buy one, get one for $10, it was as if I only spent $25 on each pair. SO excited to wear them in the cool weather that is to come shortly!

Does anyone have any recommendations for stores to buy cheap, thick, trendy socks? :)


  1. I love both of those boots! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime!