Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We're all mad here.

Black blazer: Mossimo by Target - $14
Lace dress: Vintage thrifted - $6
Black heels: $20
Alice in Wonderland ring: www.etsy.com - $20

Sorry for the not-so-great pictures. My little sister Rylie was my partner in picture-taking today, and being eight years old, she had no idea how to use my camera.. I set up a tripod after a few failed attempts and the pictures still weren't the best. Haha, anyways, I got this dress at a thrift store last year around Christmas time. I had planned on giving it to someone but I decided that I loved it too much to give it up! So glad I didn't, and yet so selfish. Oh well. I've worn this blazer before in a previous post but since it's so versatile and comfy I decided it would look perfect with this dress and heels. The "We're all mad here ring" was purchased from Etsy, and I wish I could remember who exactly I purchased it from because I would leave the link on here, but it's been almost 3 years. I don't wear this ring too often for fear of it breaking or falling off and going missing. I just love it, and apparently so did my mother because she asked for it as a birthday preset soon after I received mine. Unfortunately it's not sterling silver, but I painted over the metal with clear nail polish to prevent too much tarnish and wear.


  1. Love the outfit & your tattoo :)

  2. skater dress and blazer- LOVE IT!! And super cute ring! :)


  3. I think your sister did a great job taking the pictures...hehe...and what a fun and different ring...love Etsy! You are adorable!

    Liesl :)