Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You wouldn't have to ask.

Floral sundress: Forever 21 - $14
White belt: thrifted - $3
Red ballet flats: Charlotte Russe - $15

Black tee: Target - $5
Plaid vest: Target -$15
Khaki shorts: H&M - $25
Black tennis sneakers: Payless - $15
Sunglasses: Nordstrom's - $10

Today was another beautiful day outside! After I got out of work and got ready, Nick and I decided to venture a few towns over. We found some shops, ate some subs, and went to another Salvation Army! I found 2 jackets perfect for fall (one navy, one fuchsia). And a floral vintage maxi skirt which is just lovely! I also bought a pair of high-waisted khaki's from $22 and a couple new headbands that Nick picked out himself. On the way home we stopped by an elementary school for a little photo shoot, which ended abruptly due to the fact that I seemed to aggravate some wasps. (You can see me face of nervousness in the last photo!)

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