Monday, September 26, 2011

We found each other in the dark.

Leopard-print ballet flats: Rocketdog - $5 (clearance)
Black leggings: Forever 21 - gifted from Nick
White t-shirt: Target - $7
Black leather vest: Miley Cyrus (Walmart) - gifted from sister's friend

I got this leather vest a little over a year ago. My mom threw a surprise 40th for my Dad and it was 80's themed. My sister's friend wore it to the party but decided she would never wear it again after that. So it became mine! This was actually my first time wearing it and I can't believe I waited so long. I tried to keep the look a little rocker-chic with the leopard flats that I got from a no-name tacky shoe store and I only paid $5 for them. They're a little snug but they're adorable so it's worth it. Spent the day yesterday cleaning and running errands before having a few photoshoots with Nick, this being one of them. We're also in the process of doing some stuff for his school projects. We didn't expect the sun to set so quickly or we would have spent more time outside taking outfit shots. We also had a shoot the other day which I mentioned. The pictures are a little risque to put online so I'm not sure if I'll be showing them or not.. Maybe later on this week, maybe not. I must be getting ready for work soon but I get to look forward to going out to dinner with my mother and two sisters afterwards. Maybe even take my dog for a walk after that since it's beautiful outside! Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather:)


  1. I love this look and those flats are adorable :)