Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You wouldn't have to ask.

Floral sundress: Forever 21 - $14
White belt: thrifted - $3
Red ballet flats: Charlotte Russe - $15

Black tee: Target - $5
Plaid vest: Target -$15
Khaki shorts: H&M - $25
Black tennis sneakers: Payless - $15
Sunglasses: Nordstrom's - $10

Today was another beautiful day outside! After I got out of work and got ready, Nick and I decided to venture a few towns over. We found some shops, ate some subs, and went to another Salvation Army! I found 2 jackets perfect for fall (one navy, one fuchsia). And a floral vintage maxi skirt which is just lovely! I also bought a pair of high-waisted khaki's from $22 and a couple new headbands that Nick picked out himself. On the way home we stopped by an elementary school for a little photo shoot, which ended abruptly due to the fact that I seemed to aggravate some wasps. (You can see me face of nervousness in the last photo!)


Someone like you.

Tank top: Target - $7
Skirt and belt: Forever 21 - $22
Sandals: Charlotte Russe - $7
Leather purse: Converse - $40

The weather has been absolutely beautiful since the hurricane, so after work ended at 2:30, Nick and I took a little stroll. It was so gorgeous outside! I took my sister Kaylie to the mall on Saturday night because she had some back-to-school shopping to finish. I ended up spotting this adorable skirt and I just had to get it! The belt came with it and happened to match my purse perfectly:) Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Due to hurricane Irene, I have been out of power for 3 days. We didn't really get much of the rain, but instead got a lot of wind. My house still does not have power BUT my work does, so here I am! It's so nice to be able to use the internet once again. Luckily, there was no damage to my family's house or cars at all. Here are some pictures of the clothes I most recently purchased:) It's not all of them but I'll update later.

H&M: $20

Gifted from Nick <3

H&M: $7

Forever 21: $22

Forever 21: $6

Salvation Army: $1

Salvation Army: $5

Friday, August 26, 2011


You've got the love.

Sundress: Target $10
Shoes: Target $25
Belt: Thrifted $2

Today, I worked at 4am so please forgive me for the lack of make-up and semi-messy hair. Nick and I raided another Salvation Army and were successful once again! I got quite a few items that I will show you later on this week as well as the items I purchased on Wednesday. My mom bought this sundress for me from Target a few weeks ago and I have no had the chance to wear it quite yet. I absolutely love the color. These shoes are from a few years ago, I just never really wear them and I wish I wore them more because they're so easy to walk in (besides the fact that my little toes got squished). Easy fix: band-aids. Here are some photos from today, hope you enjoy them and please comment and critique!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Simple Math.

Blazer: Target - $14
Tanktop: H&M - $5
Shorts: H&M - $20
Belt: thrifted - $2
Ballet flats: Charlotte Russe - $15

I wore this outfit on Tuesday and I am so thrilled will how perfectly this blazer fit. Unfortunately, it collects lint almost instantly. Oh well! It was originally priced at $30 but I found it on clearance a few weeks back at Target and I almost didn't buy it because it's been so hot outside. I'm so glad that Nick convinced me otherwise. Also, I understand that I wear flats practically 24/7 but they're seriously just SO comfortable! I have so many pairs and in so many different colors/styles. I just love how these red flats really pop with the black and white. After visiting Kelli and Saylor at the hospital, my mom made dinner for my family and grandparents (stuffed shells, yummmm) Nick and I squeezed in a quick photoshoot on my pool deck while we waited for my grandparents to arrive. I'm not too excited with the pictures but you get the idea of what I wore anyways! I was excited, however, for the fact that my absolutely vicious cat Tilly was a love and cuddle bug all night. Such a rare occasion when this happens.

Yesterday after work, Nick and I did some thrift shopping at the Salvation Army. I planned on showing you everything I got today while I was at work but then I realized my memory card was no in my camera. Womp,womp :( Looks like you'll have to wait until later. But needless to say, I found a pair of legit Sperry's and they were awfully cheap!

Hello, little lady.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been working a lot and Tuesday morning at 7:43 am, my best friend Kelli had a beautiful baby girl! Her name is Saylor Paige, 5lbs 5oz and 18 inches long. As soon as I got out of work at 2, I went straight up to the hospital to visit the adorable little peanut. It's so funny to think of Kelli's little mini-me running around with side bangs and skinny pants soon enough:)