Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Long time, no posts..

Seriously. I have been slacking so badly.. I've been working SO SO much the past few weeks that I haven't really had the opportunity to take some outfit pictures. On Friday, I went to the city to view one more school and drop off some papers for financial aid at another school. I took some very unprofessional, photobooth pictures before I left so I suppose that's better than nothing, right?

Turquoise dress: H&M - $9
Leopard print scarf: Forever 21 - $7
Gray long cardigan: H&M - $24

I love that summer is ending the the cooler weather is on its way, so that now I can bring out all my cardigans and scarfs! I get out of work at 2:30 today and I plan on cleaning my car and bedroom, and doing lots of laundry while running a few errands in between. Tomorrow is Wednesday and that means I START MY TATTOO! :) So excited, and I'm sure I will update you with some picture soon enough! Hope you're all enjoying the beautiful weather.

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