Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's in your bag?

I've had this purse for years, but it's so versatile with the gold, silver, black, and grey metal details along the pocket and bottom that I continuously go back to using it. It's Converse One Star and real black leather. I have quite a few Converse leather bags because they last so long and are so versatile. And also, they're relatively cheap! Only about $30-60 depending on the size and big itself, but I always find them on clearance when they're out of season and save them for later.

Inside my purse, I have (from left to right) my floral agenda. In here, I keep ideas, to-do lists, bills, receipts, write down my weekly schedules for work, appointments, etc. If I don't write something down, there's a high possibility of me forgetting it.

Then I have my key chain which contains the keys to my house, bedroom, closet (yes, I lock my closet to prevent my sister from stealing my clothes!) and the keys to my Jeep. Also have some cards to Stop and Shop, Blick art supply store, and Ikea.

Next, I have my Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses. For a while, I would just buy knock-offs from Newbury Comics and Hot Topic but I finally gave in to buying myself my first pair of name brand glasses and there is such a difference! I believe they cost about $120.

Below my Ray Bans I have my Blackberry Curve (I'm dying to get the new iPhone, but it's not worth paying the extra $200 to get a new one without my upgrade. February can't come soon enough) Next to that I have my iPod.

I also carry Burt's Bees lip balm (in both my purse and make-up bag). I don't particularly like lipsticks and lipgloss but I can't get enough of my lip balms! This one is pomegranate flavored and works wonders. And most of the time I keep original flavored Trident gum in my purse, just because.

Recently, I've been trying to keep sunblock on me just incase I end up needing it. I usually HATE using sunblock; I hate the feel, oily-ness, everything. However, I bought Neutrogena ultra sheer dry-touch sunblock. It's SPF 30, and you can't even feel it when you wear it! My mother's skin has just started showing sun damage around her hands and chest and she's only 36, so I decided that is not how I want to end up.

On the bottom, I have my eye-glasses. During the day I wear contact lenses but I try my best to wear my glasses to give my eyes a break. They're more for the morning or at night, sometimes I even wear them to work but you won't usually see me wear them other than that.

And finally, to the very right, I have my floral wallet that I bought from Aldo for $20. It's real leather and the PERFECT SIZE! As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the wallet for me. I even got a discount because it was the last one in the store and was considered "display." There wasn't anything wrong with it, but I'll take the discount regardless! I work at a coffee shop so I need a wallet that can fit a decent amount of $1 bills so this thick wallet helps out a lot. I can keep checks in it, as well as cards and there's still plenty of room to put whatever else I want to put it in.

Sometimes the items in my purse will fluctuate depending on the day, if I'm working or going shopping, if I'll need to keep snacks inside, etc. But these are the items that are most likely to be found in my purse on a normal day such as today!

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