Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pumped up kicks.

Sundress: thrifted
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini from Nordstroms
Belt: thrifted

Yesterday was so hot! I decided afte running some errands that I should take a nice trip with my tripod to my Grandma's boyfriends dentist office. Behind the office is at least an acre of beautiful empty land which he owns. There are tons of trees, flowers, rock walls, animals, etc. There is also an abandoned house that he is slowly trying to reconstruct and renovate but I decided maybe to save that for another outfit shoot;) I found this beautiful dress last year at a thrift store for only $5! It was spring so at the time, the colors weren't really "in season" but it was perfect for fall. This belt was also thrifted and unfortunately is started to wear away, but it's very long and is half smooth like a simple belt while the other half is braided, to make it look like there is two belts being worn. It's so versatile and can be worn with any dress, top, skirt, etc. These shoes were from Nordstroms clearance section for only $20, originally marked at $95! Such a bargain:) The only down fall is the fact that the heel is almost 6 inches and is somewhat hard to walk in compared to other heels that I own. Regardless, they're beautiful shoes and I couldn't let such a deal get away! Tonight I will be babysitting my cousin Coleman for a full 24 hours! So while I'm gone I hope you enjoy these pictures, feel free to comment and critique. Follow me if you'd like!