Friday, August 26, 2011

You've got the love.

Sundress: Target $10
Shoes: Target $25
Belt: Thrifted $2

Today, I worked at 4am so please forgive me for the lack of make-up and semi-messy hair. Nick and I raided another Salvation Army and were successful once again! I got quite a few items that I will show you later on this week as well as the items I purchased on Wednesday. My mom bought this sundress for me from Target a few weeks ago and I have no had the chance to wear it quite yet. I absolutely love the color. These shoes are from a few years ago, I just never really wear them and I wish I wore them more because they're so easy to walk in (besides the fact that my little toes got squished). Easy fix: band-aids. Here are some photos from today, hope you enjoy them and please comment and critique!

1 comment:

  1. Huraaah for Salvation army thrifting- can't wait to see it all!!! You look gorgeous in this color xxx