Thursday, August 18, 2011

Old Orchard Beach.

As I said in the post previous to this, Nick and I spent the weekend in Old Orchard Beach, Maine with my parents and one of my sisters. My sister Rylie had a soccer tournament in Scarborough, just a few miles from Old Orchard. Our hotel was literally 25 feet from the sand on the beach! Both Friday and Saturday were 85 degrees and sunny! We walked around the pier which was only about 5 minutes walking distance from where we were staying and there was a carnival there. On Sunday, we woke up around 5:20am and walked down the beach to watch the sunrise! Here are some of the amazing photos that Nick took while we were away. Please make sure you take a look at his Flickr to see all of the others that he took!

Pier at Old Orchard Beach







  1. I love you blog! course will follow you, in fact I did it! I love your pictures and you are very cute! keep it like that! :)

  2. awww these shots are awesome! I love the one under the swing ride- super cool. What camera do you use?

  3. These pictures were actually taken by my boyfriend who I believe shoots with a Nikon d300s:)