Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's in my make-up bag?

Since I already did a "What's in your bag?" post, I decided I might as well show you all what's in my make-up bag! For the most part, I do not use any crazy expensive make-up or tools for applying my make-up. That being said, I'm not saying that I think it's foolish to buy expensive make-up, I just find that drug store products work just fine for me. Once in a while I will splurge on something I'm really fond of that I think will be put to good use. Obviously different make-up looks different on each individual. So, here you are.

Picture 1: Brushes.
Ecotools - The large one I use to apply my bronzers. It came in a package of 5 (along with the small Ecotools brush) The smaller one I use to apply shimmery powder along my brow bone. The 5-pack cost about $14. ELF - This brush was $2 at Target and I use it to apply my eye shadows. I never end up using the applicators they give you because they get so dirty and are so hard to clean. Blusher - I also got this brush my Target for about $5. I strictly use it for applying blush as it is labeled. 

Picture 2: Basics.
I have my Tweezerman tweezers. They were gifted to me from my grandmother. Usually they go for about $14, so I just kept using simple drugstore $2 tweezers. Eventually she got me these and they work far better than any other tweezers I've ever used. Then I have my Maybelline Eyestudio gel eye liner in onyx with the application pen. For a while I was very skeptical about this new kind of eyeliner that you "paint on" but I actually like it way better than a pencil! It's much easier for getting thin intricate lines. It costs about $8. Next to that, I just have a regular eyelash curler which was like $4 and a no-name brand. Then I have my Softlips lipbalm. I'm not really a lipstick or lipgloss kind of girl. I prefer a simple lip balm with no color added to it and for only $2, it works perfect. Plus, I absolutely loathe dry lips!

Picture 3: Extras.
For an eyebrow pencil I use Covergirl eye makers pencil. It's in very light brown. I have yet to buy a lighter shade since I continue to highlight my hair blonder and blonder. But it still works just fine and costs about $3 for two small pencils. For a shimmery powder, I use BareMinerals in "nude beach." BareMinerals is one of the few brands that I feel the need to splurge on. I was given a bunch of different shimmery shades back when I was about 15 and just learning about how to properly apply make-up and I have had a deep love for the brand ever since. It helps blend different eye shadows together so perfectly. It lasts so long and looks so nice when applied! It's about $12 for a small container and $25 for the larger size. My eye shadow changes depending on my mood and outfit, but my daily go-to is Covergirl caffe au lait. It goes great with my eye and hair color and costs about $5 per pallet. My mascara is Buxom Lash in blackest black. I used to use Maybelline mascaras until my friend told me about this! At first, I wasn't to interested in paying $20 per tube of mascara, but then I went to Sephora and opened up the container and the applicator is HUGE! Since I have rather short eye lashes, this really helps make them look much longer than they really are. I have not used another mascara since.

Picture 4: Powders.
For bronzer, I use Bora Bora by Sephora. It's $16 per container but it the first bronzer I have found that doesn't give an orange tint to my skin and it really doesn't require that you use a lot. Then for blush, I use  L'oreal True Match. This is Rosy Outlook and costs about $8. I also use L'oreal True Match for my foundation as well in N3 Natural Buff which also costs about $8. However, the foundation does dry out my skin so I try my best to remember to moisturize before applying all my make-up!

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