Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mobile Upload.

Seriously sorry for the lack of outfit updates.. I just have not had the chance to take any since it's been raining here and there, and it's difficult to get people to photograph them for me. SORRY! I just threw on some jeans that are Banana Republic given to me from my grandmother, a striped Forever 21 long sleeve shirt, black Mossimo blazer, black ballet flats from Charlotte Russe, and a red/orange scarf from H&M. Picture quality is absolutely terrible.. Anyways, had an open house for school today that my mom and I went to together. We ended up skipping out of the tour a little early for some shopping and frozen yogurt on Newbury Street instead. (SO worth it). I purchased an adorable maroon scarf and a red-orange blouse both from H&M that I'll be sure to post later tonight.


  1. Gorgeous look and I love that scarf and color on you! Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon with your mother!

    Liesl :)

  2. looks cool :)

  3. Super cute outfit, glad I came across your blog while blog-hopping!

    Follow each other?