Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long weekend.

Today's post is a little more on the personal level compared to my usual fashion posts. (There is a few articles of clothing I purchased at Target the other night, however). I spent the majority of my weekend spending time with friends and family. I had the day off of work on Saturday and was very productive. I got a few new books to read at the library. I'm starting off with Paper Towns by John Green. I continued my day with coffee, lunch and shopping with my wonderful father, and gathering ingredients to make dinner for Nick and myself. I made rattle snake pasta (which is somewhat like chicken alfredo with penne pasta, but with a little kick of jalapenos) followed by cupcakes for dessert! It turned out absolutely delicious! Sunday morning I worked and then took a long walk and had lunch with my friend Kasey who was home from college for the weekend. It was really nice being able to catch up. Here are a few pictures of what my weekend consisted of.

 I found this little box of tea bags while looking through my grandmothers cabinets gathering ingredients. I thought it was rather cute but I was too afraid to try to teabags inside, since it looked like it had aged quite a bit.

 $3 top, and $3 bottom!
 Over-the-knee socks: $2.50
 Navy crew neck and maroon v-neck long sleeve shirts: $8 each. (PERFECT for layering)
 Floral tank: $7

 This is actually a lot more purple then the picture shows. $4
Tanktop: $3
This picture is from my quick run early this morning. I woke up just in time to see the sky look absolutely beautiful. This picture gives the sky no justice as to how nice it really looked.

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  1. Great finds!! and I love that last photo!!