Saturday, July 30, 2011

For starters..

Photo by: Nick Schietromo

My name is Britnie Harlow. I am 20 years young and living just outside of Boston, MA. This blog is one of the many ways I can express the passion I have for fashion (mostly) but also for the things around me that are constantly inspiring me. Such as photography and other forms of art, food, family and friends, different lifestyles, and interior design. I will begin school for Fashion Design in January of 2012 and I hope to share my ideas, images, and inspiration to those who are interested. I will post outfits that I have worn, and clothing that interests me, photos from my everyday life, photography, beautiful people, and anything else that sparks my interest. I currently live in a small town with my family in the South Shore of Massachusetts where I have lived my entire life but I cannot wait to break out and move into the city. I have always wanted to enter a career in the fashion industry and decided that a blog would be a perfect way to begin the sharing of my work and also receive feedback in order to progress and make my work even better than before. I hope you enjoy this blog and allow me to give you the inspiration I have received from others!

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